I am a hospital chemist 60 years of age with a background in biochemical research. I look at the world with the eyes of a scientist and healthcare professional. I want to raise issues of ecologically and ethically produced local food, functioning social and health services, and renewable energy.

Environmentally friendly local food

Diversity in the genomes of plants and animals is important in food production. Local food, which is produced as ecologically as possible, is the future direction in agriculture. Caring for animal welfare should be self-evident.

More well-being through social and health care reform

In the reform it is important for social services and services of basic health care and special health care to be part of the same organisation. People would be cared for in time, and money could also be saved through a reduced need for specialised health care. The reform would guarantee all people the same kinds of services regardless of where they live. To achieve a good result, personnel need to be involved in planning.

Better energy policy

Reducing energy consumption is important. In construction methods should be used to avoid wasting heat. However, we must avoid making buildings too air-tight, which would lead to mould problems later down the line. In energy production a shift to renewable energy is needed. Coal, oil, and nuclear energy are energy sources that are on their way out, while various biofuels, the sun, and wind are energy sources of the future.

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